Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Hi Friends!  What's on tap for me?  I started today with a long run.  I have seriously got to stop eating cookies.  This is going to become a problem.  I don't want my lack of willpower to make me end this whole business thing!!!  So I bakes more protein bars and I'm eating those like crazy too!!!  HELP ME!!!!

I did get some good news this week.  My graduate education course was extended. WOOHOO!  I didn't even have to beg and believe me - I called them prepared to beg.  However, I knew that my only excuse..."um, yes, I just started a baking business that is taking all my free time...I can give you some free cookies if you let me have a few more weeks!" did not sound very responsible and I was really doubting this would all happen. The university told me that MANY students have been asking for extensions because they shortened the deadline this year from a YEAR to complete the self-paced course to 3 months.  I lucked out.  So now I have until March 31st instead of Jan. 31st.  It's a little blessing with all the baking I have ahead of me.  :)

I will be creating spiderman cookie favors this weekend for a 4 year old's birthday party.  I'm really excited to use some of my new techniques from the books I just ordered from Amazon.  I am searching for a 4 inch easter egg cutter though. I thought I had one and it is only 3 inches.  I learned from the bee cookies that I would rather have them a bit bigger, especially for favors.  So I am on the hunt for one by this weekend.  I would just order one, but it may not get here in time.  I dragged Paige to Michaels today thinking they would SURELY have Easter stuff out.  Guess what????  They don't....they didn't even have all their Valentine's Day stuff out.  I was shocked.  The time I WANT them to jump into the next holiday before the current one is over and they DO NOT!  Maybe I should try Hobby Lobby.

I did buy other stuff...some needed and some not.  So much cheaper to just stay home.

I also ordered a bowling pin/ball and superhero cutter from coppergifts.com Before I know it, I will be doing Ben's party and I don't want it to sneak up me.  He wants a superhero theme so I think I'll be making superhero face cupcakes and then superhero (body) cookie pops for the favors.  Gosh, lots to think about!  The bowling cookies are for a 4 year old's party on the 23rd.

Bedtime...gotta get some rest!!!

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