Thursday, December 31, 2009

Just Do It

So I'm a perfectionist and while you may think that perfectionism enables a person to get the job done...perfectly, I only WISH that was the way it worked for me!  If I don't have every little detail in place or prepared, I tend to put it off.  As much as I hate to admit it, I procrastinate.  Can a procrastinator also be a perfectionist?  Well, this one is!!!  So for this new year, I thought about putting all my little unfinished projects on my to-do list, but really?  Not realistic.  What I need to do is JUST DO IT.  I think too much.  I think so much that I never get around to doing the project or task.  I have difficulty narrowing my thinking down.  I am also guilty of buying all the supplies but never completely following through!  No more of this nonsense.

You may be wondering what this has to do with baking or specifically "sugar chic".  Well, since this is a new undertaking for me, I needed to start somewhere.  I enjoy writing along with baking and a bit of taking pictures.  If you put that all together...VOILA!  You get a blog!  I am back and forth on the direction of this blog...should it be a place to share my trials and tribulations?  A place to market my lovely cookies and cakes?  An alternative to my facebook albums of pictures upon pictures of my baking process?  Well, instead of perseverating about this for days that can turn into months and then eventually die, I decided to just do it.

So here I am.  SugarChic.  I have a passion for baking and even more for turning my baked goods into one of a kind creations.  My confections are on the sophisticated side but they aren't too pretty to eat!  Please enjoy this journey with me!

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