Thursday, September 29, 2011


If there is anyone I know who is as sweet as my cookies, it's Stephanie.  She ordered cookies for her friend who had twin baby girls earlier than expected!  She asked for a soft palette of green, pink, yellow, brown and white.  They melted my heart!

 This little whimsical flower was my fave!
 Hello Cute Stuff!
Awe, little monograms for those babies!
Fun MaryJanes too.
Some were polka dots.
Sugar for some texture on the platter!

Thank you so much, Steph!
I hope these cheered everyone up!
Love ya!

Silly Disclaimer:  I am a perfectionist...not a photographer.  I feel the need to tell my readers that my new house is not conducive to my cookie picture taking!  My old house was wide open with a wall of windows and LOTS of natural light.  My new house?  Not so much!  We have trees surrounding the windows and only one little spot where I can take pictures without my flash at very limited times of the day.  I love my house for so many reasons, but this is frustrating.  I don't feel like my cookies are getting what they deserve! So...please keep that in mind when you are wondering why my photos may not be as bright and clear as they used to be.  I guess you'll just have to order some of your own to see, feel, taste, and touch the real thing.  :)

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  1. Beautiful color palette! I can't wait to see what you bring to the Powell Gift Bazaar this year!