Thursday, May 19, 2011


It's been almost a month since I've posted and while I've been baking and taking orders, I've also been involved in LOTS of other "stuff" that just kept me from posting regularly ...or at all...sniff.  I have so much to share and I promise I will get there!!!

My family will be moving very soon.  We found a new house in a neighboring town that is about 7-8 minutes away from where I live now.  So to all my current customers...I won't be far!  To my new customers...I'm coming!  Ha!

This move is something we knew would eventually happen, but we really had no idea when.  We didn't even think it would happen this year!  Once the ball got rolling, WOW!  It rolled FAST!  So we were suddenly moved from a slow-never-thought-it-would-happen mindset to a get-off-your-booty- and- PACK frenzy!!!

We found the perfect house for our family in the neighborhood of our dreams.  My new kitchen will not only accommodate SugarChic, but it exceeds what I was hoping for!!  It's funny how things work out after you stress, cry, get mad and finally just resolve to give up control over something.

So happy is what we are, but busy is right up there with happy!  We have 8 years of a house to pack.  We brought 2 kids into the world here so I have lots of emotions tied into everything I do and pack.  I had strep throat last week which threw a wrench into a weekend that was sunny and had so much potential for packing (and blogging).  We also go on vacation right in the middle of now and our move.  (I don't think that is any accident though.  I believe we'll enjoy it even more!)  I have lots of baking ahead of me this weekend, but I plan to update my blog with some the orders I have on deck (starting with the ladybug cupcakes, Christine).  :)

Thanks for your support and understanding!  Once we're settled, I have so many plans for SugarChic.  Keep checking on me!

Back to baking...

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  1. Congrats on the new house :). Can't wait to see pictures of it...and the kitchen :)