Wednesday, March 23, 2011

You got it!

Did the lovely little "hands" give it away?
Maybe the boxy little body?
Lego Men!
(and yes, I knew it was an easy one -
just wanted a reason to have a giveaway!)

My MIL's DIL, Stacey, ordered 4 dozen Lego Men cookie favors for her son, Kelan's, 6th birthday.  These were way fun to decorate!
Wrapped and ready for the guests.

Thanks, Stacey!
Hope your birthday was fun, Kelan!

If you are wondering about the contest, I will post the winner by Friday!  I'm out for a "MomME day" tomorrow (get it?).  I'll be back on Friday.  


  1. I love them! How did you cut them out?

  2. I had a cutter! I could have never hand cut these with those little hands. In fact, I was so worried they would break off in packaging, but I only had one casualty out of 4 dozen. :)

  3. These are so darn cute! love the blue pants! fantastic job!!!