Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Carnival Cupcakes!

Happy 1st Birthday to Jace!

So you've heard me refer to Robin.  Jace is her youngest son who turned 1 a few weeks ago!  In our home, he is known as "Baby Jace" and is loved by my 2 year old Paige.

Robin asked for cupcakes to match her carnival theme colors of red, blue and yellow.  Robin preferred more of a simple design that did not scream "CARNIVAL!!!"   I totally get that.  Off I went!

I baked 4 dozen chocolate and white cupcakes.
Okay.  I'm nuts.  I picked out the yellow, blue and red circle sprinkles.
I have nothing more to say.
Then I decorated like a mad woman!!!
Let's just say, I made A LOT of buttercream that day!
These were the centerpieces.
You can't see it very well, but there are
red chocolate number one lollies tucked in there.
SO DARLING and compliments of Ginger, Robin's mom.
(My picture does not do this justice,
as I was also tending to my own timid 2 year old at this point!)
And here she is...hanging on to her grandpa
while I snapped photos.
The girl needs time to warm up.
She's getting there.
So I am digressing from the cupcakes, but...
Robin coaxed Paige into getting some "ink."
There was a face painter at the party (of course)
and Paige wanted nothing to do with it...
until Robin talked her into it.
Hmmmm...what design?
She decided on a blue cat.  Two of her favorite things...
the color blue and a kitty.
Finally...a smile and looking for Robin's approval.
Not mine.  Hmmmm.

Okay...back to the cupcakes...
It's a carnival...the cupcakes can be GAWDY
(is that even the right spelling?)!
Yep, more of that color!
Cute from the side?
I always double line my cupcakes to let the true color show!

Did they taste good?  I'll let the pictures tell the story!!!
This is Jace's big bro, Johnny.
This 3 year old demanded her face paint be taken off to make room for
Frosting first!
We just had to see that smile again!
Happy FIRST Birthday, BIG BOY!!!!


  1. Paige is such a sweetie - you should have shown the final picture of the kitty face!

    Oh, and love the cuppies ♥

  2. Thanks, Meghan. Actually, she didn't get her face painted. It is on her hand. That's the most she would do! That's my girl! :)