Tuesday, June 22, 2010

For the Teachers

About a month ago (I told ya I was behind on posting) Julia asked me to make some cookies for the teachers who have touched her kids' lives.  She had 1 installment, but I was only able to fulfill one.  That week was insane!  I was making cookies for my son's preschool teachers so we just added more to that batch!

It was such a busy week that week!  My pictures are kinda sad.  It gives you an idea though!

Notice the lone caterpillar at the top.
I've always wanted to make him.
I threw him in for fun.

Packaged and ready for distribution to
the many teachers who make a difference!
This is the little bag I gave to each of
my son's teachers.  He made a card...
"Thanks for Helping Me Grow!"

Thanks, Julia!

1 comment:

  1. Love the vibrant colors! The caterpillar is so adorable!! You need to make him with some apple cookies for in the fall! Wait!! I am not wishing summer away though! Thanks for sharing! Awesome work!