Monday, May 10, 2010

Oopsie Daisy!

So I've known for a month now that I had this order for gerbera daisies.  Caryn ordered 3 dozen for a wedding shower.  I figured I'd use my sunflower cutter and make the petals longer and thinner to resemble a daisy.

Luckily, my neighbor wanted 2 dozen of "anything" for her granddaughter's bday.  I chose daisies so I could practice for my big order the following day!

Since I had to make the petals thinner,
I made the middles smaller!
Lots of little brown middles!
Voila!  Daisies?
Not sure if they look like daisies,
but they were bright and fun!
SugarChic colors!
Happy Birthday, Madison!

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