Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Flickr and GREAT news!!!

I joined THIS the other day.  As I was searching around for cookie pictures and ideas, many searches were taking me to Flickr photostreams.  While I certainly do not need another website added to my repertoire, I knew Flickr was probably something I should do since I take pictures of almost every step of my baking.  I just uploaded a bunch of photos that you can easily navigate with my nifty new "gadget" to the right.  :)

So much new learning in lots of areas.  My head is spinning.  AND it's another night past midnight. I used to be an in-bed-by-9:30-watching-TV-and-asleep-by-10 girl!  I guess those days are over!  I did manage to stay on my healthy eating plan so far this week.  I even took the time to make homemade protein bars for my fam today.
They are really good and FULL of good stuff.  Ben loved them, which was my goal.  And Scott plans to take them to school for his afternoon snack (which thrills me because I am always looking for something easy for him to eat since he hates to prepare food).  I'm really trying to buy very little processed food for our house.  If I want my kids to eat junk food, then I'll make the junk with my own ingredients.  :)  I even passed up a trip to Wendy's for lunch.  We'll see how long this lasts!!!!  Hehe!

Now for the great news!  My new *and totally talented* friend, Robin (who is also my long lost sister), has designed a logo for SugarChic.  I hope to be unveiling it very soon.  We joke about being long lost twins, but seriously!  We are always on the same wavelength.  We had not even talked about what I was hoping for in a logo and when I saw it, I almost cried!!!!  It's EXACTLY what I had in mind.  Total sophistication with a sprinkle of whimsy!  That's what I think my baking is like.  :)

Stay tuned!

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